Indestructible Treasure

Do not spend your time accumulating treasure that will ultimately decay. God does not need our monies to accomplish evangelizing the earth. He requires indestructible treasure, which is our heart.

This kingdom is made up of people from different backgrounds.

God is saying if we cannot forgive others then God will not forgive us.

Matthew 6:19-24

God does not need our money to evangelize the world, what he is interested in is our hearts. What are we putting our treasures in? Is it the latest iPhone? The treasures we have on earth are temporary . Do new things makes us feel better? We should not treasure what moth and rust can destroy but rather store up things that moth and rust cannot destroy.

Whatever we have belongs to God and we are just the steward of it.

Our time, energy, and money that was spent last week- what was it on? What our kids need from us is our hearts, kisses, and hugs not things.

We cannot serve two masters, our hearts long for one master. We cannot serve both God and money. Wherever our treasure are there our hearts will be also. Where is our soul today? What master our hearts? What treasures are we going to value the most?