Salt and Light

Matthew 5:13-16

Jesus called His disciples to be different from those who pray that others can see them. As disciples whatever we do must be different from how the world does it.

What does Jesus mean if salt loses its saltiness? If we build our house on a lifestyle like the world then we are not salty.

As followers of Christ are we living a transformed life? If Jesus were to come back to us today as disciples would he be able to see what he taught us present in our lives? Is our knowledge of Jesus transforming our lives? Are we a front porch church? What are we like outside of church? We often don’t want accountability in our lives, so we point our fingers at others who tries to help us.

Jesus is not concerned about the length of our services but rather the condition of our hearts. Are we truly being the people who transform this world?

We have to act on what we know as disciples in obedience.

What is something in our life right now that we know we need to surrender to but we are not? Have you gone and visited another Christian? Are we calling up people and encouraging them? Do we trust Jesus enough where we can get to a point where we are salt of the earth? Am I apart of a community that rebukes me and encourages me when the need arises?