Jesus and Prejudice

How do we as Christians live our faith in these times of social and racial tension? By listening. Ultimate healing can only take place when we listen to understand and provide Jesus as the source of change.

John 4:1-15

Jesus was very careful what he spent his time doing because he had a purpose while he was here, Jesus lived his life with intention. These people go to the well when only a few people will be there to draw water because of the rational tension. The Jewish people viewed the Samaritans as rebels. There were ethic, rational and religious tension and differences  and Jesus was aware of it and he addressed it, he did not run away from it. This is a season to learn to understand why people feel the way they do.

We should not be telling people how they should feel. Only by providing the source of salvation we can make a difference in our world. There will not be any difference until we are ready to listen and learn. Why would we know that something is right and not being willing to spend the time and energy to make a difference. If we are not willing to listen then we will not be able to find the gaps in our lives so that we can change. It is important for us to express how we feel and to try to understand what these people are going through. Jesus broke down the walls of prejudice.

We need to be like Jesus because he listened, showed love and as a result he was able to make a difference in the Samaritan Woman’s life and she in turn made a difference in her community. We should always try to do the right thing that will make a difference in our world. It’s not a time of justification but a time of healing.