The Perfect Father

Deuteronomy 32:4
Different characteristics of our Father

God’s perfect knowledge
Job 37:16
Our a Father in heaven knows everything that we do. God understands all the different languages. He knows our past and our future. God created us, he knows what is in our hearts and minds. We should be very humbled because we have a perfect Father who know everything about us.

God is perfect in love
Matt 5:43-48
God calls us to love our enemies. Why? Because God did it. We are called to imitate God’s perfect unconditional love. We need to look up and seek God to find answers in difficult situations. Our sins does not make God love us less and there is nothing we can do to make God loves me more. The secret to loving is living love. We are all called to imitate God’s love.

God’s perfect will
Romans 12:2
We need to spend time figuring out what is God’s will for our lives. God does not promise us our wants but we need to surrender our hearts to God. The things we want is not necessarily the things that God wants for us. We need to trust God in our own circumstances.

God’s perfect faithfulness
Isaiah 25:1
God is faithful to us time and time again, even when we don’t know what we are doing. Because of the promises that God made to us we can make those same promises to our children. God is there for us during the challenging and discouraging times. As we celebrate Fathers Day we all need to be reminded that we have the perfect Father in God.