Ready To Rebuild

2 Kings 24:10-12

Ezra 1:2-3

Ezra 1:5-6

The people were ready to go back and build the house of the Lord. People are willing to be sacrificial in order to restore the temple of God.

What is a ready heart? I heart that is ready to serve God. A heart that is willing to help others. A heart that is willing to do what is right. If our hearts are ready we are willing to go and do the work of God. It’s about inviting people into our homes and serving people. As Christians sometimes our hearts are not ready and we give excuses as to why we cannot do what God calls us to. We have to ask ourselves if we have ready hearts? What has God put on your heart right now? As our province opened are we eager to shop or to do God’s work? Our focus should be on restoring God’s glory, we want people to know how awesome God is. We have to figure out how to reach our young people. Investing in our young people is one of the greatest investment we can ever do. There is a lot of work to do but we have to ask ourselves if we are ready to rebuild? Maybe we are not always ready to do the work that God calls us to do but we should not let that stops us.

Ezra 3:3

These people did not allow fear to stop them. We need to do the same thing and do not give in to fear or give up. We have to continue to do God’s work.