Battle in the Desert

Sunday Worship Service

Sunday Worship Service

Posted by Ottawa Church Of Christ on Sunday, April 14, 2019

Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus had a battle with Satan and Jesus won. Jesus was vulnerable in his humanity while he was in the desert for 40 days and forty nights hungry.

Can Jesus rescue a sinner? If Jesus was the son of God and He was tempted how much more us. Satan does not mind fighting us when we are weak. How easy it is for us to doubt? If Satan can say to Jesus if he is the son of God what will he say to us. Being a disciple does not make us immune to temptation.

Are you as dedicated to the Lord as you ever been? Are you in love with the creator? Satan likes to plant seeds of doubts in our minds, that is what he tried to do with Jesus. The greatest challenge to Jesus on earth was the battle to be humble. We cannot be oblivious to what Satan is trying to do. What price will you give up for your soul? If there is a price it will be offered. What is your greatest temptation? Are you aware of your weaknesses?

If you are, what are you doing about it?