Spectacular Sale of Century

Genesis 12: 2-3

All the people will be blessed through Abraham.

Genesis 15: 13-16

God said to Abraham that for 400 years he will be a stranger on earth.

Our place here on earth is not permanent. So as disciples we should not spend all our time on earth building things for ourselves.

Acts 14: 22

When we are entering the kingdom of God there will be opposition and trials. 

Genesis 37: 19-20; 25-28

Genesis 37: 36

Genesis 39:7-9

Joseph was not willing to sleep with his master’s wife because he did not want to sin against God. 

Genesis 39: 11-12

Joseph ran out of his master’s  house when no one was watching, that showed that he has deep conviction. He ran out of his master’s house and his cloak was left in his master’s wife hands. How are we when no one else is watching?

The battle for righteousness is an immense battle. Joseph was punished over and over and he did not deserve it. He was sold into slavery, he was accused by his master’s wife and he was innocent.

Genesis 45: 7

If Satan knows what will buy your soul he will give it to you. Is your soul for sale?

What is your price? Joseph dreams came through but the journey was very difficult. Do we give up when our journey becomes hard?

Genesis 50:19-20

Salvation came through sins and rejection through Jesus and that is what happened to Joseph as well. 

Romans 8: 28

Whatever happens do I trust that God will make good out of it. With all the problems God has not lost control. We need to mend our relationships with each other and with God.