Loving Your City

How can we remain a people of God when we are living in a time that opposes the teachings of God?
How do we have vision for our mission living in a time as this?
Jeremiah 29:11
The people were living in a hopeless time.
A) To stop being refugees and start living as residence
Refugees want to protect themselves, they feel stuck.
Jeremiah 29:4-6
No matter what is happening around us God is always in control.
Psalm 137: 1-3
The people were depressed, they stopped worshiping God. We need to bloom where God call us to settle. We need to have an impact right where we are at and be happy.
B) Turn from being mourners to missionaries
Jeremiah 29:7-9
In hard times we need to question things and make sure that we do not listen to lies out of desperation. We need to pray about our leaders and not gossip about them. As disciples we need to live lives of sacrifice and be an example to those around us.
Nothing happens if we don’t apply God’s words to our lives.
Matthew 5:16
C) Stop being victims and start being missionaries
Jeremiah 29:10-14
We don’t like to wait for anything but we need to be reminded that waiting is a good thing. We need to be righteous and godly while we are waiting. God wants us to trust him in the challenges that we face.
If God visit our church today would he be shocked or amazed at the work that we are doing in Ottawa?