John 18:28-John 19:16

We have times when we have to make tough decisions. Some decisions we make have long-term consequences. 
Pilate was struggling with a decision. He grappled with the decision of what to do with Jesus.

The big question is, who has your ear? The people who surround you play a big role in the type of decisions you make. Make sure you don’t surround yourself with people who will tell you what your itching ears want to hear.
There are times in our lives when we need to surround yourself with people whose voice we NEED to hear as opposed to those who will tell us what we WANT to hear.

Pilate was hearing different voices: the Jews, his wife, the crowd, Jesus.
In a modern world an average person hears over 5000 messages and voices. How do we shut out the ones we don’t need? Pilate’s problem was his attempt to preserve himself. Pilot was listening to his own voice.
Luke 9:24

If your goal is to listen to your own voice Instead of God’s, you’ll lose it. Pilate had his career in front of God’s voice.
In trying to expedite the process over Jesus, he missed the opportunity of a lifetime to build his character. He knew the right thing to do.
We too know the right thing to do but we remained indecisive.
Pilate knew Jesus wasn’t a criminal. He sold his sound for position, power and prestige.
Pilate ended up being unemployed, lonely and unwanted. According to history he hanged himself.
When we are indecisive, indecision becomes our decision.
Make sure that when you know the right thing to do you do it.

What drives my indecision? Fear, laziness, insecurities? The foundation for moving forward is in Jesus’ words.
John 18:46

Who would go through everything Jesus went without having faith in resurrection.
John 19:11

Pilate thought that Jesus was on trial. In fact Pilate was. God is in control. We don’t have to remain in perpetual fear. We have God who is in control.