Witness the Passion. Judas the Betrayer

Matthew 26:14
Matthew 27:5
Romans 15:13

Judas sold Jesus out for 30 silver pieces. Was that a fare exchange? One man’s life for 6 weeks of labor? Of course not.

The idea of betraying Jesus didn’t come to Judas one morning. Luke 23 says Satan entered his heart. And the idea of betrayal gradually settles in his heart.

At some point we all said Jesus is Lord. But somewhere along the way we exchange our faith for something else. We let things of this world kill our hope.

Have you ever felt like the failure is final? Have you ever felt like your sin was past forgiven. Is your situation beyond saving? Is your sin greater than other sin? All of this is absurd. There’s no sin too great, there’s no situation too hard

It is never too late. God gave so many second chances to a woman caught in adultery, Lazarus, Moses, Jacob, David, Saul (aka St. Paul).

Psalm 103:8-17
Let’s not let the devil take away the hope that we have in Jesus.