Ordinary people. Extraordinary things

God uses ordinary people, ordinary things and ordinary places to change the world. Think of shepherds, inn keeper, Mary, Joseph.

Luke 1:28-38
God uses ordinary people. Angel appeared to Mary, a young poor woman from a small Jewish town of about 400 people. It was far away from Jerusalem. It wasn’t exactly a place where things were happening.  
John 1:43-45
Every circumstance surrounding Jesus’ birth did not reflect the greatness.
Sometimes we may think that we lack the proper talent, skills and experience to accomplish great things in our lives. But God can use everyone. Nothing is impossible for God.

God looks at situations differently from the way we do. When we see failure God sees the future. When we see limitations He sees the extraordinarily things that can be accomplished through these limitations.
God uses open hearts.

When angle appeared to Mary she was confused and disturbed. After angel’s explanation she just said “I’m Lord servant”. Mary had an open heart. God saw a woman with a trusting heart that would be able to fulfill His plans for her life.
God’s plans clearly interrupted Mary’s life. She was about the get married, live a happy life. But she fully accepted God’s will and willing to sacrifice her plans for God.

Do I have the trust Mary had? Am I ready to surrender my life to God. Am I letting God interrupt my life with His plans?
Trusting God requires us to stay connected to God through prayer.