Love one another

Romans 12:9-21
Love must be without hypocrisy. A hypocrite is someone who acts and does not show his or her true feelings.
Paul calls us to have real love.
How do we express our love? Just by mere words? Or do we invest in our relationship emotionally, physically, financially…
Are we devoted to loving with action?
Do I look for the ways to honour others? Or do I look out only for my own honour?

:10 Zeal is a persistent, fervent devotion to a cause. Is this how I feel about God’s cause. People tend to lose their zeal over time that’s why Paul challenged them to get their zeal for church back.
God designed prayer to help us grow through tough times and not carry the load on our own.

Hospitality means ‘Love for strangers’. Inviting people into your home is the greatest expression of love.

:14 Paul not only talks about persecution from the outside world but also from fellow believers.Greek word ‘bless’ songs like ‘eulogy’ talking good about people as if they passed away.

:16 do not be proud means to not be snobbish, exclusive and be willing to associate yourself with people of different backgrounds or social statuses.

:17 do not repay anyone with evil. It goes against our nature. Think how do you respond to your spouse during arguments. How do we treat our friends, coworkers, people we come across on a daily basis. We can’t force people to to love us. If we can’t reconcile with someone despite all our best efforts we should just let this people be and let time heal.

Romans 13:8-10
Paul is not talking about financial debt. He talks about obligation they we have before other people.
The only outstanding obligation we should have is the obligation to love one another.

Love is not a feeling, but action.

Romans 1:12, 13:7
We have an obligation to serve others at our expense.  Love sounds very easy. But true love is hard. We will always learn how to love.