Reach up. Reach in. Reach out

Reach up
1 Kings 19:11-13
Elijah saw a lot of miracles form God but he was discouraged. He wanted to see God. God came in the way Elijah didn’t expect. Sometimes we need to stop and try to listen to God. What he’s trying to tell you. Now just pray without stopping. Spend some time in silence. 

Reach in
Matthew 3:16-4:1
God was pleased with Jesus even before he started his ministry.  He just got baptized. When we live lives of disciples it pleases God. Since our baptism we have Holy Spirit in us which is enough for God to be please with us. All we have to do is to reach in and use the power of the Spirit that it within us.

Reach out
Acts 1:7-8
God will convert the world on its terms. We can put time frames like have the world converter in one  generation. But it’s ultimately up to God when and how. Abraham was promised a great nation but it started with just one son.

Deuteronomy lost generation?
The generation that died in the desert did its job of passing on the faith to the generation that entered to promised land. It’s important to reach out to our children.

How do we reach out?
Start with a prayer. Prayer is an engine for everything. It’s a start for everything that you do for God.
Rely on God. He can turn things around and turn bad situations into success.

Take one of the challenges. This week