It’s Prayer Time

Mark 9:13-27

There are situations in our life that are unusually hard to overcome. The usual methods of dealing with problems that we are used to do not work. No matter how hard we try. Same was the Jesus’ disciples.
Jesus gave an answer why they could not overcome. Mark 9:28
We need prayer in our lives.

James 4:5
Do I have the right motives in my prayers?
Am I always right in my eyes? If yes, there’s really no a lot of space for God to work. It’s when we allow the possibility that we may be wrong we become humble and God provides the solution.

If you look at biblical heroes: David, Moses, Abraham they were not exactly ideal. But they had their prayers answered. So God answering my prayers in not a matter of me being ideal.

1 John 5:13-15

There are a lot of things that we as believers can be decided about. Opinions, tastes, preferences, lifestyle. It’s important that those differences do not stand in the way of us worshiping God together in unity. Got intentionally left certain things in the Bible up to our discretion so we could work it out as a family of believes.

Isaiah 40:28-31