40 Days of Quiet Times

Scroll all the way down for the introductory podcast and notes explaining the 40-day series. Although this 40-day series (mainly brand new material) has been released 1 Jan – 9 Feb 2013, you can listen to the podcasts later, even after the series “disappears,” by searching under the headings NT Podcasts, OT Podcasts, and Various Podcasts at the left of your screen.

If you enjoyed the 40 days and are hungry for more, CLICK for another 73 Days of QTs.


The Psalms lessons are cumulative; they build on one another. To learn the most, try to listen to them in order.

The lessons on the 10 Commandments are also cumulative. To learn the most, try to listen to them in order. The Decalogue podcasts are shorter than the Psalms lessons, so occasionally you might want to 1 Review and Free DownloadSoftPerfect recover deleted file is another superb file undelete program. combine days.

The third section in our series covers a number of spiritual disciplines. Speakers include Tom Jones, Ron Clark, Ed Anton, Joey Harris, and myself. Unlike the Decalogue series, none of these lessons is short; they are substantial. This sub-series ranges from prayer & fasting to the disciple”s attitude towards (and use of) money.

The final section of the 40 Days series focuses on men and women who knew the Lord. (And in the case of the first podcast, someone who was the Lord!)