Jesus – The Essential One

Throughout history people would depicted Jesus differently. Even today people have different ideas of who Jesus really is.

Matthew 13:54-58

For some people Jesus is like a appendix. If it doesn’t bother them, they would like him to be around. However, once it starts causing problems, they would like it to be removed.

Matthew 16:13-14 For some people Jesus is like a spare kidney. He is good, it’s useful but I’d rather keep him as a backup

Matthew 16:15-16 Peter said Jesus was the heart. We cannot survive without heart. If we are disciples Jesus should be the heart of our lives.

So who Jesus really is?

1. Jesus must die Matthew 16:21-23
We my want to change the image if Jesus so it is easier for people to accept him. But Jesus did say some difficult things like: We are all sinners and need salvation We need to love him more than our family We need to leave everything and follow him There will be difficulties in life. Following him may make of lives tougher, not easier like many people would like to think.

Do I preach a soft and washed-down version of Jesus?

2. We must die Matthew 16:24-28 What have I dine for Jesus. What am I doing on a daily basis?

Jesus calls on us to have godly plans for our lives and trust gods plans rather than godly plans.

How about putting gods kingdom before my personal kingdom?

What plans are you making going into the next year? Is god there? Is he right upfront or somewhere in the back?