What do you have?

Matthew 15:29-39 We can look at the obstacles in our life and think why miracles cannot happen as opposed to why they can happen

– We tend to forget the miracles that happened in the past. Instead of focusing on what we have and what God can do with it we can only think about what we do not have.

– Jesus could have bad food fall from the skies but he wanted his disciples to be part of that miracle.

So what DO I have?

We do have time. It’s up to us what we do with that time.

We do have possessions. Sometime we think: “If only had more possessions I could do something great for God”. But God asks you: “What do you have?

Our talents. It’s up for us to use our talents for the world, selfish ambitions etc. “God did not call the equipped. But he equipped the called”.

I don’t have enough strength to live as a disciple. You’re right. You don’t. But God will make up the difference between what you have and what’s needed.

I don’t have great faith. What do you do with the faith that you have? If it’s small as a mustard seed you will be able to move mountains.

What do you have this morning?

God can take whatever you may think is little and accomplish great things with it.