Young Professionals and the Pandemic

Are you a young professional finding the last twelve months of the pandemic confusing? You are not alone. Our ‘YoPros’ have had an interesting year as well. Here’s what they have to share.

It’s a strange time in life for someone who just graduated from campus ministry. Life is changing so quickly and you’re wondering where am I gonna land? How is my life gonna turn out? And although it can be exciting and invigorating for your faith it can also be a little scary and even lonely at times. Especially during this time in the world, it can be very lonely. And so this year we’ve been able to do congregational zoom devotionals in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

We had our first one in January our second one in April and stay tuned because we were planning our next one for the end of July. The best of these devotionals is that you’ll able to see faces of people you have not seen in years. Being able to come together worship together and just be unified together is awesome!

Take a look at this short clip from our last devotional which was devoted to how God is making a way through a difficult situation in your life. We hope you’re really encouraged to see the hearts of people who are sharing the good news.