Sermons from August 2023

Nothing But Christ

We never know what life will bring and when. Therefore, we must examine ourselves that our faith is based not on man’s wisdom but on the work of the cross. As humans, we are often more concerned with how we look than with how we worship Christ. As Christians, however, we try to concern ourselves with nothing else but Christ and Him crucified so that none can boast.

The Hubris and Humility of ‘No’

To outsiders, the Bible seems like a book of NOs. We look at the story of Jonah and how his hubris (defiance) of saying no to God turned into the humility of accepting a no from God. When we pray, sometimes the answer is no, but we can rest assured that God generally says no to protect us (from ourselves) or because he has something better in mind that requires you to be exactly where you are in that moment. Therefore, the best road forward is one where we put aside our defiance and humbly submit to God.

Transforming encounter with Jesus

As we look at the story of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4 we see that, when we encounter Jesus, our priorities change. This woman who went to the well in shame to get some water during the high noon heat left her water jar behind to share the news of Jesus with her neighbors. Like the Samaritans in the story, when people are truly thirsty for a Saviour, they go from curious to present to changed as Jesus works in their lives. Are you thirsty?