Sermons from May 2022

The Power of Unity

Today’s meeting of the Canadian churches reminds us of how the pandemic forced us to rethink what “church” meant. We are encouraged to remember that God has a way of bringing us where he wants us, regardless of what our plans might be. As long as we are together, unified, and focused on God, we can stay strong and be secure in our place in the world.

A Heart of Compassion

We are taught that God takes great ideas like compassion and graciousness and shows us what that looks like in Jesus. Tony reminds us that it’s not enough to look at who God IS but we must also look at what He DID. Like Jesus, you don’t need a lot to have compassion, you just need to have the right heart.

The Face of Gratitude

As we finish our look at the book of Philippians, we look at the importance of attitude in the face of adversity. We are all different people facing different challenges, if we live in a community of harmony and humility, we can live joyfully regardless of our life circumstances. Ultimately, we are reminded that it is not enough to just say we are something (i.e. Christian), we must also be the face of that to which we claim.

Mother’s Day Service

Today we are shown how God uses mothers to reflect certain parts of his own character. Through the sharing of four individuals, we see various perspectives highlighting the importance of mothers in the world as well as in the church.