Season and Rhymths

Seasons & Rhythms

It’s easy to overlook some of the finer details of this creation poem, especially if we come into it depending too much on centuries of ingrained rationalism. God’s creative work is not limited to the creation of physical things like the sea, land and sky, and the creatures that would inhabit each. He also created seasons and rhythms that still govern our world. Our society, however, seems bent on creating its own rhythms and displacing the seasons God established in his wisdom and grace. 
Just as the world has seasons and rhythms, there are seasons and rhythms in each person’s life. Moreover, the church operates differently according to seasons and each church has its own rhythm. We would do well to consider if the seasons and rhythms of our church year, months, weeks and Sundays are governed by God and his grace or influenced too much by humanism or our own agendas.
The services, events, and expectations of our ministries influence the lives of the people in our churches. Take time to consider the effect of the seasons and rhythms of your ministry on your members:
  • What is your weekly rhythm?
  • How do your expectations take into account the different needs of each life stage?
  • What is the rhythm of your Sunday worship? How does it honor God?
  • Is your leadership sensitive to the seasons of the year? How much emphasis do you put on the ancient holy days and times (Easter, Christmas, etc…) How much do the seasons of the world (summer vacation, football, children’s activities) affect the life of your church?