My Joy And My Crown

My joy and crown. Does this describe your relationships? A deeper level of insight and love is to love people the way they need to be loved.


Phil 4:1

Phil 1:3-10

We want people to love us the way we wanted to be loved. We need to love people the way that they need to be love.

2 Cor 2: 12-13

How is our relationship with others? Do you have the kind of relationship where our hearts are unsettled because we don’t know how our brothers or sisters are


Matt 26: 36-38

When Jesus was troubled in his heart before he had to go to the cross he wanted to spend time with his close friends. If Jesus needed his close friends what about us? Do we know how our brothers and sisters are doing? Do we really care?

1Cor 12: 12-13; 26-27

In our relationship we should be suffering and rejoicing with each other. Do we want to find out when our brothers and sisters are suffering? We cannot have intimate relationships when we do not know what is going on in others lives.

1Thes 2: 8; 17-20

Do we feel alone when we are separated from our brothers and sisters? In the end what will matter is our relationships, not money or any material possession.