Church Family

We can try to control the behaviour of our children. What does the  Bible have to say about a family?

Ephesians 2:19-2:25

We are no longer a foreigner or an alien but members of God household. There is a family  within the church we call each other brothers or sisters. More than 65% of people in  America and Canada are born out of wedlock. We cannot use our experience as the perfect examples of how things should be because we have all gone through different experiences. When something happens in the family we need to be excited and celebrate with them.

Think about how awesome it would be if you are all thinking how we can help each other? We cannot want to be in a family and take on a spectator role, that would not be helpful to anyone. When there is a struggle in our family we should not ask what is wrong with you but how can I help you? We need to make it our responsibility to know what is happening with each other.

Do we only fellowship the people that we are most comfortable with? It does not matter where we are in our lives there is always something that we can do for someone else.


God designed the family exactly how he wanted it to be. When you think about the church as a family how does it resonate with you? How can you help? How can you use what God has given you to build a family? Don’t be a family where only a few are doing the work. In this family we all need Christ equally.