Faith on Fire

The account of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego epic battle with King Nebuchadnezzar is truly inspiring. We see people who would not trade their faith in God even if that faith or their bodies were set on fire. As it turns out the fire meant for destruction served to actually set them free and unbound their shackles. When people intend to hurt God’s people He often uses it to greater good.

Daniel 1:6-7
People refused to enter into God’s kingdom because of the division on certain issues. It makes no sense to fight your battles alone, it is better to fight your battles with God. Throughout the scriptures God is saying that we should trust him. If we are trying to impress people we are just wasting our time. God is calling us to live according to his words and watch what happens. Is there something in your life that you are grappling with? We need to put a test before God and see what his answer is.
Daniel 1:1
Daniel 3:12-14
Daniel 3:20-26

What is your breaking point? What price is the value of your soul?
Satan makes people feel like they are missing out when they give their lives to God, that is a lie. Satan knows that true success is from God and he does not want us to have victory in our lives.
1Peter 1:22-25
1Peter 1:3-9
When our faith is on fire it allows us to lose our shackles .