Having A Spiritual Perspective

Ephesians 1: 1-20
Ephesians 6:20
We need to fully grasp who we are as disciples and what we have in Christ. Paul could have fallen into self pity because of his chains. He allowed nothing to affect him but focused on his spiritual blessings in Christ. It is easy for us to get side track and focus on the here and now and not focus on what’s important. When we have a spiritual perspective we can look at our situations through heavens eyes. Our values does not come from our titles, or what we possess rather our values comes from God.
The world chooses the best. We did not earn our way into God’s family but he choose us. When we became a disciple it brought God great pleasure. Even when we are going through a hard time we bring joy to God’s heart. God does not treat us like our sin deserves but he treats us like we deserve everything. We cannot understand God’s grace without seeing and understanding our sins.
When we understand grace it will   J our lives and how we treat others. We must never forget how valuable we are to God, he will take care of us because he loves us. God powers that lives inside of us makes us more than a conqueror.