The Workers and the Vineyard

Matthew 20:1-16
In this parable we are workers and God is vineyard owner. Disciples are the workers.
This parable is not about money. It’s about God’s grace and His distribution of it.
Sometime we have an issue with the way God distributes his grace. We may have our own ideas how this God grace should be distributed.
But at the good of the cross we are all equal .
God administers His grace in different ways and in different time of lives. We can see other people being blessed and we want that too. And we begin complain to God about why someone is blessed more that we are.

Everything that we have is from God. We should not complain.

If we see talented people – no need to be jealous. We need to focus on the grace of God in our lives.

God’s grace teaches us that we cannot control situation. If someone understands God’s grace it will definitely produce change. A person who understands grace does not get easily offended.

Gods grace is vast there are many aspects to it
-if anyone understands Gods they will have a peace and trust in God that is extraordinary
-a person who understands Gods grace does not get easily offended when people sin against them
-because they too understand that they have been forgiven by the precious blood of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ