Sermons by Tony Singh (Page 3)

The Hope of Heaven

New citizenship always requires certain prerequisites for those hoping to acquire it and these should form our actions and mindset. In Philippians (3:15-21), Paul reminds us that how we conduct ourselves matters, ultimately, we need to ask ourselves, is our mind on earthly things or are we focused on the hope of heaven?

Surpassing Worth of Knowing Christ

In Philippians 3, Paul tells us about the importance of knowing Christ. Just as there are different levels of intimacy with those around us, there are also different levels of intimacy with Christ. Paul reminds and encourages us that we should desire such a level of intimacy with Christ that knowing him is worth more than all other things/knowledge in the world.

Servants of Christ

Philippians 2 teaches how disunity comes from self-interest and how the church requires a deeper connection than just a social club. Paul uses two examples to describe what servants of Christ look like and reminds us of the importance of bringing others’ interests above our own.

Shining Like Stars

In the books of Romans and Philippians, Paul admonishes the disciples to shine like stars in their warped and crooked generation. When it is dark, is when stars are seen the best. Disciples of Christ can shine like stars by holding onto the word of life, and by conducting themselves in a manner worthy of Christ.

The Mindset Of Jesus

In Philippians, Paul reminds us of the importance of reflecting Jesus’ mindset in how we react to the world around us. The world’s mindset is peace through strength; Jesus’ mindset is peace through humility. Just as Jesus (though fully God) did not elevate himself, we too must humble ourselves so that God may be glorified in us.

Joyful Partnerships

Philippians 1 shares how we can be joyful in our partnership with the church and Christ. We see that the mark of the disciple is one who conducts themselves in a way worthy of the Gospel regardless of their situation. Paul’s faith was prison-proof. Is your faith pandemic proof?

The Safest Place. Part 2

We cannot avoid the storms of life, so where is your safe place in the midst of it? In Matt. 14 (22-33), Peter learned that the safest place was not in the boat with the other disciples but rather on the water in the middle of the storm in the presence and connection of Jesus. He understood that, the moment of trial is the moment we NEED to connect with God and that hard times won’t last forever; the storm will end eventually.

The Safest Place. Part 1

How can we be safe in the COVID world? The Israelites wandering in the desert also worried about where the safest place would be. They were so worried that they took their eyes off God and wanted to return to slavery while rebelling against God. But God often uses the thing that is hurting us to actually bring about our salvation. Therefore, the safest place is when we are gazing upon God (no matter what is going on around us).

Power To Fulfill Promises

A new year doesn’t necessarily mean that everything magically gets fresh, new, or better. Change can’t come from a date in the calendar and a promise (resolution) is only a good as the person who makes it. God has the power to fulfill ALL his promises. Trust him!

Good News and Great Joy

Christmas can be a time of anxiety over gift giving and receiving, but God is not concerned about us giving what we do not have. Christmas is about honouring Christ and sharing in the good news and great joy about his birth.