Rich Toward God

Are you rich towards God? The parable of the rich fool teaches us that your life does not consist of the abundance of your possessions, but the value of your relationship with God

Join us this Sunday. As we continue to learn about Jesus through his interactions, He teaches the timeless truth that ‘a man’s life is not about his possessions’ but whether he is ‘rich toward God’.

While we take no pleasure in another’s pain we learned just recently that 2 of the wealthiest couples in the world could not keep their marriages together. Money and things are not the keys to great relationships. While we take no joy in the demise of these relationships we can at least learn that money and things are not the solution to the most important trials in this world.

Join us as we examine what Jesus means when he says ‘Rich toward God’!

We will read Luke 12:13-21

Jesus is our greatest treasure. Money and possessions do not meet the needs of having a great relationship with God. Our lives are not about the possessions that we have. We believe getting the right education and the right degree will make us what we want to be. We think that getting a new car, girl, guy, or relationship will make our lives complete. Why does Jesus have to warn us about greed? Because greed is very deceptive.

Are you going after something in your life right now that you believe if we get these things it will make our lives better? Do we believe that our lives are not about what we have? The more we get is the more we buy, thinking that is what life is all about. When we get an increase in salary do we give more to the church or do we store it up for ourselves? What do you treasure? What do you spend your time on? That is where our treasures are? What are you investing in?

If we are not rich towards God we are being fools. Getting a raise is more about increasing our standards of giving, rather than our standards of living. We need to think about ways to guard ourselves against greed. Is there proof in our lives that we are rich towards God? Is God getting our leftover talent, time, and money?

If this is our lives we are being fools. Are we going to heed the warning of being rich towards God?