For God’s Glory

Do you find yourself questioning God’s wisdom in difficult situations? Although God loves us immensely, it does not mean that we’re not going to have human experiences. Adversity occurs so that God’s glory will be known.

Sermon notes:

John 11:4- 8

Whenever we are going through something we need to think how God is going to be glorified through it. Even though Lazarus was sick he was still loved by God. We need to have eyes that sees and faith that really understands.

John 11:14-17

When we have adversity our first thought is to run away but God use our adversity to teach us.

Do we find ourselves questioning God’s wisdom? We feel like our life would be better if we didn’t have all these challenges in our lives. When the challenges happened in our lives we ask why?

John 11:38-40

When we are going through difficult situations we’ve got to put our faith and trust in God. When we feel sadness and remorse he is right there with us. When we are going through challenges we need to think about how God can be glorified through it. If the Son of God needed relationships then so do we. We should not close ourselves away during this difficult time but rather we need to reach out to others. When we believe we will see the glory of God.