Good Gifts From The Father

Matt 7:1-12

Why do people judge? We can be envious of what others are doing and getting away with it, so we pass judgment on others. We judge others because we are self righteous which causes us to put others down.

We have to examine our hearts and become people who are not self righteous.

Whatever judgment we place on others, the same will be done to us.

We want others to know the facts about us before they judge us. We want others to show mercy and compassion to us when they judge us. Do we do the same for others when we judge them? In our relationships do we only see the wrongs others have done and not be able to recognize our own sins.

What would Jesus say about our relationships? Judgment is not wrong, it’s how it’s done that can be wrong.

We need to think about how we can have some meaningful gift of love and encouragement. One of the greatest gift we can give to each other is how we interact with each other.