Are You Hungry?

Our souls needs spiritual food and only God can fill that hunger.

Exodus 12:39-49

1. We can make a faith move even if we don’t have enough

Not having enough did not stop the people from having faith. What do we do when there are shortages in our lives? God is greater than this pandemic. God will work despite of our shortages.

Exodus 14:29-31

When God does a miracle he does it excellently, he parted the Red Sea so that the Israelites could pass through. When the people saw the mighty power

of God they put their faith in God’s leader Moses.

2. We’ve got to remember the power of God especially when we are hungry.

Exodus 16:2-3

How did the people forgot the slavery they came from? The people physical hunger for food made them loss their spiritual hunger for God. What God thinks of us is more important than what others thinks of us.

Exodus 16:4

3. The testing and blessings are from a God

Exodus 16:31

God sent the manna to ease the people’s hunger and God gave them enough food for each day. God gives us what we ask for then he tests us to see what we are going to do with it. As disciples we are not good at going through the testings. Others testings can be our blessings. We all need to support our campus students, we can pray for them and invite them over for dinner in our homes.

Revelation 7:16-17

God sustained the Israelites for 40 years in the desert. When we make a faith move for God he will not make us starve. We all need to remember that testings and blessings are from God.