Expensive Meal

As God’s chosen people, we are promised an inheritance. No matter how hungry, tired or weak we get, we are reminded to hold on to our inheritance and not sell out our salvation.

Genesis 25:26-34

We have to live our lives with intentions.

Genesis 27:2-37

Hebrews 12:14-19

We have to be careful whether or not we are selling our inheritance for a meal. Satan loves to attack us when we are weak. Don’t give up our promises for things that are temporary. When we are weak we are susceptible to temptations. Sometimes some things that we do are generational, there are consequences to what we do. Are we negotiating for a sale of our inheritance? Is it job, money, reputation, playing around with people at the work place?

What is on our heart when we are talking to someone? Is it spiritual things? If our focus is on what we want and not on what God wants then we are going the  way of Esau. What do we do on social media? Do we reflect God in what we write? As Christians we cannot have the same goals as people in the world.

We can end up missing the grace of God because of someone else’s actions. What legacy do we want to leave on our tombstone?