Our Great God

Psalms : 8:1-9
We serve a great God
Psalms 83:18
There is no one who is above God. When we look up there is a sense of calmness, we don’t see all the problems around us.
Psalms 96: 1-
God is so amazing that we should sing about him all the time. We need to learn to sing with our hearts and our minds. How are we praising God?
Psalms 145:1
What makes God so great?
Judges 13:
The God that we serve cannot be confined on paper or in a book.
What God do you think about in the mornings? As we investigate God we can answer why do we do the things that we do? When we realize how great God is we will see that He is worth our energy and time. We have more knowledge about God today than before. Do we comprehend God more with all these resources that we have? Is not about if we know God but it is about if we comprehend Him?
When we choose God we get all the benefits God gets nothing out of it. God don’t need us but we need him.