God’s Power

How do you feel today about coming to God’s presence?

Exodus 24: 17-18 God had a 3 day process that the Israelites needed to follow before coming to him.

Leviticus 10:1-3: God showed the Israelites how serious he was that they come to him with reverence and respect.

God is dangerous and powerful. We cannot handle him without protection. Jesus came and gives us confidence to come before the Lord. But God is still the same. He still expects us to be reverent and respectful when we go to him.

How can we tap into his power? We need to plug into God to recharge our spiritual battery.

Examples of people who plugged into God:

King Asa
2 Chronicles 14:2-6; 11-12 – King Asa cleaned up the things that distracted him and the people from obeying God
2 Chronicles 15 – He continued to clean up
2 Chronicles 16 – King Asa changed and instead made an alliance with a wicked king and paid him to protect his kingdom. He no longer sought God first. He unplugged from god and everything went downhill.

King Jehoshaphat:
2 Chronicles 20: 2-16 King Asa’s son Jehoshaphat went to God and was successful. He understood that the fight his army went into wasn’t his battle, but was God’s. The army he faced was very scary, but our God is even more scary through his power.

Before we go to God, we need think about the powerful God we are about to worship. We can tap into God’s power by plugging in to him.

God is powerful and mighty.
That power demands respect and reverence.
That power is available.
That power is the only sustainable source of life through faith.
Our God expects reverence and respect from us as we enter his presence and spend time with him. Even though Jesus came and gave us confidence in going before the Lord, we need to continue to have a heart that respects and reveres him. Only by plugging in to our God, can we tap into his limitless power.