Rock Solid

Whatever we do as disciples should not be done in a way that brings glory to God.

Matt 7:13-29

If we want to live a quality life we’ve got to trust the teachings of God. We live in a society where what we believe is more important than how we live. When we come to follow Jesus the road is so narrow that it needs to be done with intention. Only a few will find it because only a few are willing to do what it takes. As Christians we are good at teaching the right things but not living according to what we preach.

Matt 7: 13-21

Jesus said we need to judge a tree by its fruit. Not everyone who say Lord, Lord will be saved, we’ve got to do the will of God.

Matt 7:24- 29

What is important is not knowing the word of God but rather obeying it.

As a minister, can someone look at you and say that is good fruit? What God wants is our hearts. He wants us to love people, to show mercy, and to act justly.