The Heart Really Matters

God’s kingdom is a kingdom of the heart. For God, it is not a matter of what we do, but who we are on the inside. In humble devotion, we are called to surpass elitist righteousness and focus on building a heartfelt relationship with God.

Jesus examines our hearts. There is no financial or educational criteria to be a citizen of God.

Matt 5: 17-20

Our righteousness need to surpass those of the religious people in order to make it to heaven. Have we become like one of those people from the religious age? How are we going to surpass the Pharisees? It has to do with our hearts. Our lives have become focused on what we do on the outside but not the inside. How attracted are people about our Christianity?

Matt 5: 21-26

Have you ever hated someone or wish them dead? When we are like this we are not different from a murderer .  The worship of God can wait, we need to focus on reconciling with each other. Are we being like the religious people?

Matt 5: 27-30

All the sins that we struggle with is from our hearts. What we do is who we are. Our worship to God should be about honouring and bringing glory to God. God is always looking at our hearts in everything that we do. We should not be focus on what we get out of our Christianity but our devotion to God. The kingdom of God is about the matter of the heart.