Grace and Mercy. Part 2

Grace is sometimes an elusive concept, but it is the salvation on which we solidify our Christian faith in the salvation that is Jesus Christ’s. This week’s message taught is that grace is unmerited and given to us “because of God’s great love for us”. We cannot earn grace, but access it through continuous restoration, revival and redemption in Christ. In the knowledge that Christ died for our sin, we treasure the grace that is so mercifully bestowed.

Grace is an unmerited favour. Justification is having our sins forgiven just as if we have not sin. Sanctification is the restoration into the image of God. Glorification is when we are in heaven with God.

Ephesians 2:1-10

We cannot boast about anything we have done for our salvation because it was all about God’s Grace.

Romans 3:21-30

Romans 5:1-2; 9

We have access to this grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

*We have knowledge that Jesus was sacrificed for our sins.

*Do we believe that Jesus died for our sins?

*Do we trust in the blood that was shed for our sins?

We cannot do anything to save ourselves, it’s all through God’s grace.

When we surrender to Jesus by faith we are saying that we trust him.

Heb. 12:14

When we don’t get along with others we are not being obedient to God.

What do we treasure? Is Christ our treasure?