The Incorruptible God

Daniel 11:32

We walk with our heads down and cower with fear because we do not know God. What we think about God affects how we think about everything else. If we say we are walking with God we cannot be fearful and lack confidence.

Romans 1: 20-23

Our God is eternal, he is the only object of worship. We have created so many gods in our lives like hockey, football, and basketball. Our only reason for coming to church should be worshiping God. We do just enough to ease our consciences but we are not committed.

1 Timothy 1: 17

God is Holy we cannot corrupt Him. Some people go to church to feel good that is not the purpose of church. It is to praise God.

Psalm 99: 1- 3

Isaiah 57:15

1 Samuel 2:2

Do we prepare for our worship?We put so much effort into sports and other things but what are we giving to God?

Isaiah 6: 2-5

Psalm 86: 8-10

We need to look at worshiping God as a privilege because we get the opportunity to do that.