The Ultra Powerful God

The scriptures are riddled with demonstrations of the power of God. This sermon examines the encounter between the kings of Judah and Assyria. The Judahites were surrounded by an overwhelming Assyrian army. The enemies of God’s people taunted and intimidated the people of Judah.

Yet God’s power was made known as He enabled victory over the Assyrian army by destroying them without the Judahites lifting a sword. ONE angel destroyed an army of 185,000 in one night.

This serves as a great metaphor to show when we are seemingly surrounded and overwhelmed, God is still able to easily deliver because of His might. While this was an impressive display of power, perhaps a greater demonstration of God’s power is the ability to transform lives.

The display of God’s power is not ego on His part but to help us to put our trust in a God who is able to deliver on His promises especially the promise of spending eternity with Him.

Bible verses from the sermon:

  • ISAIAH 36:1-5 (NET)
  • ISAIAH 37:5-6 (NET)
  • ISAIAH 37: 9-13 (NET)
  • ISAIAH 37: 20-24 (NET)
  • ISAIAH 37: 20-24 (NET)
  • ISAIAH 37: 33-37 (NET)
  • 1 Corinthians 6:9-11(NET)