Secrets of the Kingdom

The secret of the kingdom is: seeing, hearing, and feeling
Discipling changes us and help us to grow.
We need to display the gift of our salvation for the world to see so that they can come into a relationship with God.
As a disciple we should be able to see people’s pain and point them to God so that they can be saved.
When we hear the word of God it should produce changes in our lives. If we don’t tell people about God they will not know. If our Christianity is important to us we will want to share it with others. God has given us the gift of feelings so that we can reach out and help those who are hurting.
When we only feed ourselves, we don’t feel for other.
When our heart is hard:
Our Bible studies become boring
We don’t want to forgive others
When we see a sister or brother in pain what do we do? We need to remember that as disciples we all have the secret and we can all do great things for God .