How do you tell your story?

Whenever we feel rejected, isolated, lost, forsaken, and discarded. These are great stories because it means that we can have redemption.
Title: The Life of Moses
Are we going to remain faithful in prayer even if what we are asking for happen in the next generation? Would we still continue to pray?
Exodus 1:6-10
Exodus 2:16
The story of Moses is a story of redemption.
Exodus 2:1-3
Moses makes his way from the Nile with the crocodile to Pharaoh s palace .
Exodus 2:4-10
When we are in pain it is okay to cry. God comes when we are down and out to lift us up.
Exodus 2:11-15
Moses knew where he was from and that there are people to save. Moses knew who he was, he knew his identity. We cannot hide from God he sees everything that we do. Moses went from the palace years to the desert years to the destiny years, which is a total of 120 years. God will give us all that we need as he shapes us to be what he wants us to become.
When we feel faithless we need to think whose faith we can burrow. We can burrow Jesus faith.
How do you tell your story to yourself and others?
If God were to tell your story, would it match yours?
…. BUT God
Moses: abandoned at birth- God showed up
Raised by strangers- palace, leadership
Criminal- learned patience
Fugitive-finishing touches
God is absent- God will show up AGAIN
We need to get back to discipleship where Jesus is Lord of our lives and we are willing to follow. We profile ourselves based on past experiences, walking around being afraid.
We need to see ourselves in Mose’s story