Kids Corner: The Shepherds

God chose shepherds to share the greatest news ever: The Promised Messiah has come! Shepherds were not especially respected, so why did God choose them instead of kings or religious leaders to share the news of the birth of His Only Son, Jesus? Maybe it was to show us that He sent Jesus for EVERYONE, not just “important” people.

Christmas is a great time to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. But sometimes it can be hard because we might feel like we aren’t that important, or good at speaking, or maybe people won’t listen to us or believe us. But the shepherds weren’t any more qualified than you are. And God chose them to be the first people to share the news of Jesus’ birth. There might have been many reasons for why God chose to do this, but it seems clear that at least a part of His reason for doing this was to show that not only is Jesus for everyone, but the privilege of sharing the Good News is for all believers!