Kids Corner: Christmas Gifts

Douglas Talks about how Christmas gifts remind him of the greatest gift of all! Let’s never forget that Christmas is about God sending his Son Jesus to save us from our sins.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas you can make with your kids:

homemade wine charms made with clothespins

These homemade wine charms are super-easy, and make a gorgeous gift for kids to make for parents, grandparents and teachers – Happy Hooligans

key chains kids can make

Kids can spell out a message with these nifty wooden block Key Chains by Hello Bee.

This Beaded Key Chain is a gift that even the youngest toddlers can make. – Make it Handmade

Fingerprint Key Chains are a wonderful way to preserve an imprint of your child’s tiny fingers.  – My Life of Travels and Adventures

Teacher Appreciation Word Cloud - Unique Gift for Male or Female Teacher

A framed word cloud is really fun and easy to make, and it’s a great gift for kids to give to teachers, parents, grandparents or friends. Get my step-by-step for making a word cloud here.

  • Have the kids make a family portrait for parents, grandparents, cousins or uncles. The scratching technique is a lot of fun, and it’s a lovely keepsake that you’ll have for years.
  • This is my latest favourite gift for a child to make for a parent. It’s a decorated wine bottle that they can use to water indoor plants. No drips or spills because the neck of the bottle gets right down into the plant. Bonus: it can be displayed proudly in between waterings!
  • Here’s another great wine bottle craft that’s great for all ages. You can turn an empty wine bottle into a beautiful candle holder with this fun and easy tissue paper decoupage process.
  • For kids who have mastered a needle and thread, these Button Napkin Rings are the perfect gift to make. –
  • Younger tots will be able to manage the threading skills required for these Beaded Napkin Rings  by Buggy and Buddy.
  • This Hand-shaped ring dish is just so precious and very easy to make! – Mama Papa Bubba
  • Personalized coffee mugs make a great gift for a relative, teacher, family friend or neighbour.  – Two Shades of Pink
  • Toddlers can put their finger-painting skills to good use making a set of tile coasters. Merriment Designs
  • One of my all-time favourite hooligan-made crafts: our Paper Mache Bowls are perfect for stashing your keys or pocket change in.
  • Let your child express his artistic side, designing and decorating a hand-decorated, modern art plate. –
  • Toddlers and preschoolers will love making these simple Popsicle stick coasters – No Time for Flashcards
  • Kids can give homemade flowers for all occasions – Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Teacher Appreciation, etc. The nice thing is, these paper towel roses and tissue paper roses will keep forever and never need watering.
  • These fridge magnets are gorgeous.  We made them using a crayon-resist process that’s simple, fascinating and fun. – Happy Hooligans.
  • Meri Cherry shows you how to make these beautiful fabric resist pillows.  It’s a super-easy technique requiring only gel glue and fabric paint!
  • There are few things cuter than a child’s first hand-written words.  Preserve them forever on an “I love you pillow”. – Mama Papa Bubba
  • These Flower Drop Ornaments are wonderful gifts for kids to make and give.You can hang them from the Christmas tree, or in a sunny window, or display them on a patio or deck.
  • These romantic winter luminaries would be easy for kids to make and give as gifts. They’re gorgeous, and they’d look lovely living a mantle or windsill, or displayed on a family dinner table. – Crafts By Amanda
  • Kids can turn ordinary beach rocks into dazzling crystalized stones with a simple borax and watercolour experiment!  They make excellent paperweights, but they’d also look lovely grouped together on a table or dresser.
  • You won’t believe how easy it is for to make these tinted mason jars.  They’d look gorgeous lining a window sill.  – Hands On: As We Grow.
  • “Play Eat Grow” will show you how to make these beautiful luminaries using Epsom salts that you colour yourself.
  • Check out these easy, beaded mason jar luminaries!  I love the design that the light casts onto the tabletop. – Mom Spark
  • And speaking of light, “Come Together Kids” shares a nifty technique for transferring a piece of art onto a dollar store candle.
  • Easier still, are these adorable hand-decorated candles by Red Ted Art.
  • Is there a nature lover on your gift-list? Our Summer Stars add a beautiful touch to a window, patio or deck.
  • This simple twig pen or pencil holder by RHS would be perfect for a nature-buff’s work-station.
  • Miss Mustard Seed shows you how to make a rustic twig picture frame.  Check out her tutorial on
  • A homemade sugar scrub is a lovely, natural way to exfoliate and invigorate your skin in the shower.  – Kids Activities Blog
  • Bath Bombs always make a lovely gift, and they’re so easy to make using a few simple kitchen ingredients. – Red Ted Art
  • A Pumpkin and a Princess has a ton of soap and scrub recipes on her site.  I love the look of this homemade lavender soap.
  • Kids of all ages will love mixing up a batch of scented bath salts.  They look gorgeous, and they smell divine.  Bitz and Giggles
  • I love the soft, delicate look of these tissue paper mache bowls over at “Lessons Learned Journals”.
  • Who knew you could make your own decorative glass bead magnets using your kids’ artwork?  “Hand Made Kids Art” shows you how.
  • Kids big and small will love the technique used to make a set of tape-resist coaster or trivets. – Woods of Bell Trees
  • Round up a bunch of old, unused keys!  The kids can turn them into a colourful recycled wind chime. – Inner Child Giving
  • We collected sticks while out on a nature walk, and transformed them into a natural wind chime for our backyard.
  • Gather up a handful of washers from the work bench and make a vibrant, upcycled wind chime like this one from One Time Through.
  • We need to make some of these rainbow seed bombs!  What an awesome gift for the kids to make for an avid gardener! Twig and Toadstool
  • Photo gifts are always popular to make and give!  You will never believe what these gorgeous, mosaic picture frames are made from!  SO simple! – Pink Stripey Socks
  • Have the kids get messy with their toys to create custom art for a loved one!  “Play Trains” used (you guessed it) toy trains to create this masterpiece.
  • A custom piece of art framed in an embroidery hoop would be ideal for someone who loves needlepoint or cross-stitch. – Mama Papa Bubba
  • I love the pastel and watercolour handprint canvases that the kids made over at “Mom in Madison”.
    A simple but beautiful glass bead sun catcher will certainly brighten someone’s day.  – Kids Activiites Blog
  • “Sunnyside Art House” has shared a variety of sun catchers on her site.  I’m especially crazy about this framed mosaic glass version.
  • Make a melted bead sun catcher.  Kids will love coming up with their designs.  As The Artful Parent advises, it’s best to melt make them on the BBQ or to take the toaster-oven outside to avoid fumes indoors.
  • Who wouldn’t love a painted stone paper-weight sitting on their desk-top?  Even the youngest hooligans enjoyed making these to give to their Dads for Father’s Day!
  • Got a golfer on your gift-list? Have the kids make and give a custom set of hand-decorated golf balls. – Laughing Kids Learn
  • Personalized tote bags or cloth shopping bags are just adorable when they’re stamped with the handprints of a child. Great gift for a child to give to a parent or grandparent- Nifty Mom
  • Fill a jar with the dry ingredients for a favourite recipe like this one, for Chocolate Cherry Drop Cookies  from Mama Miss. Top with a bow and the instructions for baking, and you’re good to go.
  • Salt dough magnets are easy and inexpensive to make.  Everyone loves a fridge magnet, right? Aren’t they sweet?
  • These mason jar lanterns are easy to make, and look lovely on a patio in summer or on a windowsill indoors all year long.
  • And lastly, a homemade picture frame that toddlers and preschoolers can make and give. We made ours for Christmas but you can switch up the colours and make them for any occasion.
  • And there you have it, 40 plus gorgeous gifts for your kids to make for the special grown-ups in their lives.  Hope you’re inspired and ready to get crafting with your kids!

Make some homemade gift-wrap too!

And now, to make those homemade gifts even more special, have the kids our some homemade wrapping paper to wrap them in! You can find two great methods here and here.