Kids Corner: Change Can Be a Blessing

Whenever there’s a big change in our lives, it can be really easy to focus only on the challenges that change can bring. But change can be a blessing! We should have faith and believe that God can bless us in the new chapters in our lives even when things seem challenging. If we worry too much about the hard things ahead of us, we can miss out on all the great things God has in store! After they had made it to the Promised Land, after being in the desert for a long time, the Israelites sent 12 spies to go see what the land was like and how strong the people were who already lived there.

They found that the land was amazing, but that there were very powerful people with strong fortresses already living there. Of the 12 spies, only two (Caleb and Joshua), believed that God could give them what He promised, the rest were too afraid. Caleb and Joshua got to live in the Promised Land, the rest did not. Let’s follow Caleb and Joshua’s example!