Kids Corner: You Matter

If you feel like no one sees you, or like no one cares about you, or like you don’t matter, know this: YOU MATTER! God made you, He knows you, and HE LOVES YOU! It can be really painful to feel like no one cares about you, but that is never true. God cares about you so very much. We all feel alone sometimes, and the truth is that no one can ever understand you the way that your Loving Creator does.

It can still hurt when we feel like Jesus is the only one who cares about us. So God wants you to make sure that you not only understand how much He loves you, but that you help other people understand that God loves them too. You matter, and so do they. No matter who you are, there will always be the “theys”, the people who aren’t just like you. Maybe they don’t look like you or live like you or believe what you believe, but their Creator loves them just as He loves us. So, let’s reach out a helping hand to all those who are hurting and show them the love of Jesus Christ.