Kids Corner: Whatever You Do, Do It for God

When you start living for God instead of for yourself, it changes everything. You might think that if you decide to follow Jesus, then you can’t do anything that you used to do. And there may be some things in your life that God doesn’t want you to do at all, but for many things, it’s just a matter of doing them for God instead of for yourself.

When we live for ourselves, there’s very little meaning in our lives. But when you decide that, whatever you do, you will do it for God, your life will have new purpose, meaning, and direction. Changing why we do what we do (from doing things for our own selves to doing them for God), will automatically change both what we do and how we do it.

And it’s so important that we are building a deeper and deeper relationship with God, because the more we know who God is and what He wants, the better we can live our lives in Jesus’ name.