Sunday outdoor worship service

The Sunday service will be led by the intern students. We will be meeting in person at 10:00 a.m. on August 1 at Vincent Massey Park, Heron Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 2E4. Please plan to arrive early to sign in for contact tracing purposes.
Service will be located under a gazebo where a 200-seated area is available for everyone to enjoy under shade. Drinks and watermelon will be offered after service. Please bring your own lunch
either to barbecue (coal will be available) or brown-bagging it. Public washrooms will be available nearby. When you arrive on site, keep an eye out for church members directing you to the meeting location as the park is over 70 acres. Please bring your children so they can enjoy some playtime in the park after worship. For parking location, follow this link and note that when you enter you take a ticket but there are no parking fees.
Please look for an email from Tony this week with precise details on the exact meeting location.
The communion portion service will be served in prefilled emblems.
For those who prefer to attend from home, you are welcome to join us through our Livestream links posted below.
For those who prefer to attend from home, a livestream link will be sent in advance. If you would like to fellowship after service, please join the zoom link, provided in advance, which will begin 10 minutes after the worship service.