Faith and Mental Health. Morning devo with Melanie

In continuing with our conversation about faith and mental health, Melanie talked about mental wellness. We need to learn to take God’s and each other’s hand to achieve mental wellness. That means accepting each other as we are. We all experiencing reality in a different way. The important thing is that we stay open, non-judgmental and seek professional help when needed.

Sunday Worship Service Update

The city of Ottawa has decided to close all their public facilities for the next 3 weeks. The community centre has not been exempted from that decision. Therefore with a lot of regret we will be live-streaming our next few services until the beginning of April.

#BetterforGod. This Year’s International Women’s Day Theme

This month, the month of March, the global community will celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th. A day designated to celebrate the strength, diversity, global achievements of women and so much more. This year the international theme is #balanceforbetter. For the last several years our sisterhood of churches around the world have celebrated this…